Sunday, October 29, 2006

Crawl Of Duty

It's been a while since I did a pub crawl. The last 5-10 years I've preferred to sit in 1-2 pubs and just enjoy the company (and usually a game of Perudo) but for a change I was up for a pub crawl - and daft Craig Albeck fancied a tour of Ossett, which is hardly the world's most glamorous setting for drinking. Not moving pubs usually means less mixing of drinks and less vicious hangover, so it was with some fear I set out on the night.

Anyway, after hitting Ossett around 7.15pm on Saturday we did the following;

The Commercial (cheap Stella, our-kid)
The Mews (Two Guinness please, cash-bastard)
Bar Royal (Formerly The Royal, now some very odd pub - Becks)
Horse & Jockey (Two dodgy double gin & tonics)
Manhattan Bar (Replete with subtle searchlight outside, that NEEDS a batman logo on it - G&T)
Carpenter's Arms (at 8.05pm... Pint of Magners and 2-0 to me at Pool...)
Pub opposite above (G&T)
The George (Naughty barmaid, even worse land-lady and double G&T)
Taxi to The Brewers Pride (Strangely quiet on a saturday, pint of Addlestones)


Taxi to a hugely busy Wakefield soon after... and into Elliot's Belgian Bar (one bottle of Kwak)

[Interlude: Run into JD and Mick, it's a small world - but he'd read my blog and anticipated running into me. Despite their invites to follow them to Bar Mex, I felt they were best without us since we were a touch leathered at this point. Also speak to the landlord/landlady at Elliots - who I know well but haven't seen in ages.]

Exchange (Plenty of Nostalgia here, G&T)
Bar Mex (Packed, G&T)
Cave Bar (Wakefield's crappest, surely... G&T)
Bar 72 (Very busy, but G&T)

And then into a ridiculously busy Quest night-club, where a number of G&T's were quaffed before we hit Faisals Indian at 12.15pm where they agreed to make me a Chicken-Keema Balti and it was fantastic. And it's not often you can say that about food from Faisals... I even felt ok today.

After that we tried to get back into Quest, but it was gone 1.30am and it was emptying. On that news we decided to walk back to my gaff and watch some Curb along with a rather large Gin - both falling asleep soon after - I woke at 4am on my sofa. Harry woke me at 7.30am to sort his Gamecube out... but the clock's had gone back meaning it was 6.30am and I'd had hardly any kip.

Sunday fairly flew by. After taking the kids with me and dropping Craig off (or "Grape" as Harry calls him, for reasons best known to himself and only a 5yr old can explain) we went down Wakefield and enhanced the entertainment predicament I have.

Given Jack's recent admission that he want's to become a stand-up, I've taken to trying to populate his brain with classic comedy and I bought some Monty Python stuff (mainly best of compilations, with the Fish-Slapping dance - a personal favourite) and also, finally, Fawlty Towers on DVD. In addition I bought the kids some games at GAME, including Civilisation3 for Jack which he's now well into (but he would be, it's an all time favourite of mine). Harry got a Spyro game (the power of kids advertising) and I also bought him Starfox, since Gamecube titles are very good value right now, especially with the Wii around the corner.

The best bit of Sunday for me was the fact that despite all the drink on Saturday night (and a very varied mix as you'll appreciate), a Faisals curry; which in itself is a recipe for more shits than a pompous public-schoolboy reunion, lunch at the mum-in laws and sorting out the neighbours cat-litter tray, I had very little to no hangover. I'd like to think it was because I kept busy, but I'm not sure what the cure was, I better think hard since it needs to be bottled.

Sunday ended with some Fawlty Towers for Jack prior to his bed-time, the missis sniffling with Cold/Flu and me walking the dog and counting his record piss/shit count after a bottle of red wine... I haven't had much chance to really enjoy Tiger Woods 07 on the 360, or Pes6 or do any of the other stuff I had meant to get around to. I did fix Harry's curtain rail but those shelves are still in their box. However, as I type it's 22:20 and that means it's really 23:20 so I'm starting to fade given the amount of kip I've had the last few days.

Work tomorrow then... after this week it can't come soon enough!

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