Friday, October 27, 2006

Whypod and Entertainment Overload!

It's not often I have a week off and as usual, when I do, I feel more knackered at the end of it than I do when I'm at work. Entertaining the kids is a full time, often exhaustive job. I'll be glad of the rest when I'm back at the office...


Today we went to Whitby on the eastern coast of North Yorks and saw my mate; who I was to help sort out his ipod(s) and mac(s). Not sure if you know, but iPods register themselves to the mac it's installed on, this is a pain, especially when someone has multiple macs and multiple iPods. As per usual, what should have been a ten minute fix took the best part of 4-5hours. Fortunately whilst I was busy being frustrated by that and my pal's dial-up connection - Ravenscar doesn't have broadband and barely can boast reliable dialup, his missus took the kids to nearby Scarborough for a few hours, which they enjoyed.

Entertainment Overload

This evening, now I've finally got the lads to bed (the missis is out with friends at a restaurant) and it's quarter to ten, I can have a crafty gin and kick back. However I'm almost stressed with entertainment anxiety; too much choice. PES6 for 360 has arrived (with Tiger2007 in the post tomorrow), I've got 4 espisodes of Curb to watch, about 10 films waiting, 3 episodes of a series on the Sky+ to catch up on, 3 magazines have arrived and I want to catch up on all the Leeds gossip on the forums (as well as get around to answering a load of work mail I said I'd catch up on). Add to that I'm part way into my first season of FM2007 and already regret installing and playing it, since it, as usual, sucks up any spare time. Realistically (once I've finished updating the blog - which I do enjoy, I must admit) I'll have about an hour before the missis gets back and will presumably be frisky due to having some wine and few bacardi's... so god knows what I'm gonna do, presumably I'll succumb to a bit of FM2007 whilst catching up on the net and listening to SkySports News.

It's a busy weekend too, with Harry's footy in the morning, a promised lunch at the newly renevated "Navigation" pub at Durkar, possibly Elland Rd with Tim and/or Albeck in the afternoon and then out in the evening (could be Ossett, Wakey or Leeds - or even all three).

Sunday I think I'm going to lock myself in a room and just hide. I've still got some jobs to do which I promised in the spring (shelving, curtain rails) and I can't believe I haven't managed to get out on my bike this week... time just flies.

Work wise, things have moved on, looks like our first Wii project is a go-er and a landmark deal with one of our partners looks to be set in stone, which will prove very important (once we can talk about it). Happy days.

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