Thursday, October 26, 2006

Rock* and roll

I had an impromptu and hitherto unscheduled pissup with the lads at Rockstar Leeds last night, they're a great bunch of lads that I've known a long time, way before they were the highly successful studio they are today. Funnily enough, the PSP demo of Alien Breed they did for us a few years back actually really helped them getting into bed with Take2/Rockstar, so that's always a fond topic of conversation :)

Quite a few of them were out in their local (the Pack Horse on Geldered Rd) as they'd just wrapped up "The Warriors" on PSP (having recently just finished Vice City Stories). Craig Albeck of Game Republic turned up around 8.30pm and we then moved onto my favourite part of Leeds; notably Little Merrion St. for the cracking Reform bar and of course, Mojo.

There was no real crazy antics, just a few silly drinks and I ended up on Mojito's. I can't recall the taxi home and I do recall Dave Box being out for the whole night, which made a nice change. I've been invited to their Xmas do again (quite amazing considering what a drunken arse I was at their last one) and there's only one small fly in the ointment for that, it's one day after the Team17 one... now THAT is going to be interesting.

As is predictable, the night ended up messy and late, with Albeck dossing over at ours and a still-drunken lazy morning where I ended up introducing Craig to Curb Your Enthusiasm - and in particular, the 2nd episode of the 5th season where Larry gets himself a racist dog who eventually turns and starts to attack Lesbians. It's very good.

Billy no mates

In the afternoon it was time for me to take Jack to meet Billie Piper in WHSmiths in Leeds, where she was doing book signings. The intention was for her to sign Jack's super rare Billy Piper trading card. However, it seemed like 30,000 other people had the same idea and the queues were enormous, so we wimped out - no place for a dad to queue in a hot WHSmiths with a miserable hangover.

After that we went on to Forbidden Planet and Jack was most distressed to find that they had stopped stocking some Star Wars toys he really likes, so it ended up a bit of a damp squib for him - although he brightened up later when we managed to find some at a Toy's R Us in Wakefield. I also was sorely tempted to get Herbie some kind of crazy clothing at a pet store - they had military jackets, sheepskin coats and jumpers - oh and boots too... now only if I'm in there when tipsy...

I'm off to see my old pal Thirkers in Whitby tomorrow but unfortunately can't stop over and enjoy the delights of Whitby's finest pubs. On Saturday I'm out with the Albeck again, but can't decide where - we might start in Ossett and then go around Wakefield, but only because we fancy a lo-quality evening, where we make our own fun. Leeds might be a bit too busy as well - and we were out in Leeds this week anyway.

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