Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Nice night for a murder.

Read the news today, after seeing some Police tape around the entrance to Silcoates public school, the entrance of which is on a lane where I walk Herbie, our dog. It appears that a 22yr old man has been murdered, or at least knifed and killed - I mean bloody hell, it could have been me that discovered the body...

It's such a quiet area, it's difficult to imagine anything untoward occuring, so we'll have to wait to hear press and police statements.

In other "news" we've had an eventful family day, having lunch at Nando's in Wakefield, where they were handing out Portuguese moustache's to the kids for a "win a trip to the Algarve" competition - Harry is pictured here in his full Portuguese splendor!

After that we went bowling and competitive dad won by a street mile despite protestations from the kids. Tonight the kid's misery will be complete, I'm taking them to see Leeds v Southend in the League Cup... let's hope the police don't find out or there'll be Police tape up at my gaff for child abuse!

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