Tuesday, October 31, 2006


My visit to the Diabetic Clinic was somewhat of a success in that I have been discharged from their after-care and can now just do follow ups at the local GP. I'm still on medication but if I can manage to maintain the current position, they can look at reducing that. Good news then, seems my diet changes, increase in exercise (walking in particular) and change in drinking habits (honest!) have really made a difference.

My A1c test (average blood-sugar level over last 120 days) was 6, which is normal range - it was 14 when tested in March, with individual blood sugar tests as high as 22-23 when tested - dangerously high. My weight and blood pressure are also much improved, so I was a bit of a star pupil, having managed to turn things around pretty well - without too much impact on my lifestyle, which at times has still been rather chaotic. I can't relax and go mental again though, I'm stuck with this thing for good - so it's a matter of just keeping a reasonable lid on the crap and ensuring that I keep walking my way back to good health.

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