Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Herbie rides again

Herbie's totally settled in now - and is 5 months old. He's now 99% house-trained, which has eased the tension somewhat and is now starting to look more and more like a full grown Westie, with his hair growing on his face. He's very well behaved (more or less, unless he's going bonkers for some fun) and generally no problem at all.

In the first couple of weeks it was touch and go if we would keep him since he was driving us up the wall - and with me doing a bit of travelling, it didn't help with getting him into any kind of routine. It's been worth it though and he's a totally different animal now compared to those stressful first few weeks - where our limits of patience (particularly the wife, who went track9 every day) were well and truly tested.

He's pictured here, with Harry in the Jag the other day.

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