Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Skellybob time

I've taken the day off today, partly because I've got a few hours in the "garage" (Diabetic Clinic) and then I've promised the missis I'd help with the kid's Halloween party since she's full of flu (and I'm snotty now, so I think it's on the way). The latter part of the day involves me dressing up in a Skeleton outfit, which to my delight, scared the shit out of several small children and two grown women when I put it on last night, with the face/mask being particularly evil.

I've already done the pumpkin and the house is part decorated. Roll on 2 hours of screaming kids and stressed adults prior to walking the streets and collecting about 6lb of sweets and treats - we're quite lucky where we live since almost everyone makes a big effort and everyone dresses up.

In addition to preparation for the party, I've got to cut a bit of spooky music and fx to CD to play in the garage outside and dig our fog machine out (not my idea...). Last time I used the fog machine it was in my room, the idea being to create 2ft of dry-ice for a guitar hero session - which had to be abandoned due to no ventilation and my room filling with smoke and people choking/coughing.

Talking of kids, congratulations to Jason Gee, now proud dad, with daughter being born last Wednesday, best wishes to Jay, his missis and Lily Grace - I'll be in Yarm a week on Friday for the ceremonial head-wetting :-)

Best wishes also to Verner for his week of 40th birthday celebrations in Lisburn/Belfast this week - sorry I couldn't make it over.

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