Thursday, October 12, 2006

I'll get my Croat

So much for organising to watch the England match in The Reform... and fortunately the lack of preparation (and thought that it would be an 8pm kick off) meant that we managed to totally miss the demoralising 2-0 defeat to Croatia.
Anyway, we spent a few hours in The Reform (Little Merrion St, Leeds) drinking some nice organic cider and listening to some great music waiting for Craig to turn up. I was out with my pal Andy, Rob Ling and Craig - we didn't get up to too much tomfoolery really, just a very steady, good night out, great curry and then drinks at Mojo. Leeds was very quiet but it was a good evening and I was still a little bit tipsy this am...
Had a late lunch with the Dyson and Tim Smith in wakey and got back to contemplate the fact that even more work was piling up back at T17 towers.
I'm now very smitten with going out in Leeds, so much so that I can never contemplate going out in Wakefield again, which has "gone to the shitter". Leeds has a Harvey Nick's too.. not that I ever go there... mainly Mojo, Reform & Akbars!

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