Friday, October 13, 2006

Us Tubes

Team17 are currently being featured as one of 5 companies as part of an advertising campaign for the Yorkshire region. You may see posters like the one above on The Tube in London (they're hard to miss being 6metres wide!). As well as the Tube and gateways around Heathrow airport etc, they're also in most of the highbrow papers and magazines such as the FT, Economist etc.
Speaking of U Tube, just what are Google doing? Surely the purchase of U-Tube, whilst being tremendously popular right now, is simply court-cases waiting to happen. I'm sure U-Tube cannot possibly continue to be the same once it's moderated and tightly regulated... and I thought the dot com madness had all gone away... good luck to the guys who made U-Tube (and at $1.5bn, they won't need much!) but the world really has gone bonkers.

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