Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Monty Magic!

Well, what a day... I went down to the midlands in the afternoon to visit someone I know in the industry for some advice on a matter and just as I get in reception, I'm called to say Monty, my eldest (and most favourite) cat has been run over :(

After a few frenetic phone calls, he got taken to the vets and after an hour, I was called to say he was fine, he had the body of a fit 8yr old cat (he's 12 and a half!) and that the car would have come off worse... so Monty lives on thank god.

The trip itself was really useful and I collected Craig Albeck from Meadowhall on the way back and had a crafty Magners to celebrate Monty's continued good health!

Tomorrow night it's out in Leeds and time to meet up with some old muckers, it could be quite emotional (or at the very least, very messy!)

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