Tuesday, October 10, 2006

No Yarm done.

I was supposed to be going up to Newcastle, staying over in Yarm and then visiting some folks in Middlesboro on Wednesday but due to a fair workload and other commitments, I've had to postpone, which was a bit of a shame - but I guess I know what would happen on a night out around Yarm... I'll save that for later.

Things have been pretty quiet since returning from London, had a very slow weekend (mostly through being totally shattered) and on Sunday, the family spent the whole day choosing a new car for the missis. We must have looked at well over a thousand since she didn't know what she wanted and in the end plumped for a nippy Peugeot 307 sport, since she mostly just footles around the local area and to work and back. Jack was a bit miffed because he liked the Honda Civic Type R (racing seats, insane really - and insurance group 17 to boot). I was just pleased to get it all sorted and the new car arrives tomorrow - and the old one, a Citreon Picasso, leaves on Thursday - which has served it's practical uses reasonably well, but I hated driving it when I had to, given I'm used to faster, comfier things.

Work got off to a hectic start on Monday and today, I'm out of the office. Wednesday I'm out with Andy, who was my best-man, Tim - who's now back from Oz along with a couple of others - we'll probably watch the England-Croatia game in The Reform, go to Akbar's and then into yep, you guessed it, Mojo!

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