Wednesday, November 08, 2006

200 not out

3rd day of a fairly busy week and I'm wrestling with the after-effects of a particularly violent curry I had at Spice Cottage in Wakefield (and it seems I'm not the only one, so it looks like a group poisoning).
I'd been out with Jamie, Ian and our Finnish visitors - trying to eek out some entertainment in a ghost-town like Wakefield. We settled for a few beers, a discussion on North European geneology and put the world to rights on 360, PS3 and more.
I'd been out to Nandos with the wife and kids on Monday (it being her birthday) and out last night round town; tonight it's Team17 poker night, which is always great (win or lose) - I get a night off on Thursday, although I'll probably enter the Eurogamer Poker heat at 8pm and then it's off to Yarm on Friday to wet young Gee's head. Saturday we're celebrating the neighbour's wife's birthday at Wolski's. Phew.
In the studio we're gearing up for a couple of digital-platform releases, the first being Lemmings for PS3, which should be launched next week in Japan initially, then the states soon after. It'll also be interesting what wins the hype war; 360 and Gears of War or the release of the PS3.
I've got Guitar Hero2 on back order and am most looking forward to that, I'm still playing Tiger Woods 2007 on the 360 though - so Gears of War can wait.
This is also my 200th post - although I guess I did post a few times sat on a plane to Copenhagen the other week. Still, am quite pleased I've stuck at it.

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