Sunday, November 05, 2006

Really enjoyed the silence...

A quiet saturday, punctured by the usual kids activities (football, cinema and swimming) ended on a high when our neighbours and friends came round. Simon was armed (as is the norm) with a bottle of red wine and Tracey/Marc came stacked with vodka and whisky. I'd been out earlier in the day and had got a bottle of Jameson's Irish whisky - although I'd only planned to have a couple of nips.

Suffice to say that at about 10pm, Jameson had left the building - although he did point out a relative called Jim Beam hiding in the cupboard just as the new Singstar game (Legends) was being cranked on. It's easily the best DVD since the 80's one and has a real good mix. It also has a song on it which I'm rather good at for a change (I'm terrible at Singstar) - the monotone, flat sound of Depeche Mode's Enjoy the Silence fitting me perfectly - I even beat Marc and scored 8,500 or something.. very odd. Buoyed on by this I went on to sing a load of other stuff, but not nearly as well. Simon sounded like a tortured cat and still hasn't scored anything other than tone-deaf, quite funny really. The night ended about 1.30am, but I don't recall too much.

We went to the Navigation for Sunday lunch, kicking off Trina's birthday celebrations and I've spent the rest of the day calming the dog down (Herbie was going nuts because of the fireworks) and then settling into Tiger Woods 2007 on the 360, which is great, if a little difficult, but I'm starting to get somewhere on it now - the 360 analogue controllers making me slice a little too often for my own liking.

And don't get me started about Leeds Utd...

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