Thursday, November 16, 2006

Bullets coming out of my ears

I played in the online heats of Eurogamer's poker challenge tonight, I've played in a couple before and not done too well, mostly because I've had a drink and played very loose (as usual). This time, on top of my moderation (nothing to drink for 5 days!) I did rather well. In fact, when the 96 entrants had been whittled away to just 10 players on the final table, I was chip-leader by about $30-40k ($60k opposed to nearest player having $20k).

So, thinks I, I'll just play this tight and let them knock each other out, only betting secure hands and all that. This went on well for a while, until the blinds got to $3000/6000 and it got a bit tasty. I got bored of the crap hands I was getting, although I'd been lucky on the river twice and saved my arse. I started chasing crazy bluffs and before I knew it I was all in, but did lose to a guy who had pocket Aces' and got another on the flop. I think I had pocket Aces (bullets!) 3 or 4 times - and I've only ever had them once before.

I ended up third, not bad out of 96, but I really should have controlled the end game a bit better and made a better fist of the bullying I was doing when chip-leading (I relented a little, since it got embarrassing). Still, I won $60 but I'll need to win one of the heats to make the final I think.

I can't make the online event next week since I'm away in London, most likely staggering around some pub when they play, so I'll have to try and make the last one and try to win that or something (or beg the Eurogamer lads to let me in).

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