Sunday, November 12, 2006

The disappointing Ostrich weekend.

I went up to Yarm on Friday to see Jay, who's head-wetting session it was - a group of us hit a few of the pubs in the town, had a curry (which I managed to get all over my nice, favourite shirt) and then went into some fairly crappy club.

Check the image for the "splash out" from my poppadom, it would have made the guys in Orange County proud, my tomato sauce mimicking the world's most famous mouse!

I'm sure it beats the shroud of Turin any day.

Still, had a good night and it was great to see Jay beaming from ear to ear. I did manage to bugger up the handing over of a gift for his wife/daughter, but there you go... Big thanks also to Ben Cosh for sorting out travel and so-on - cheers fella.

We were out again on Saturday, having a meal with a couple of sets of friends, one of whom (our opposite neighbours) whose birthday it was. We went to Wolski's, where the T17 Xmas party will be held and its usually very good... Marc, Tracey and Simon ordered Ostrich steaks but when they arrived it was fair to say that they were a little bit tough. Marc, being a former chef made them take them back and there was a little bit of a stand-off, kick-off, with the Wolski's manager being a bit of a biatch... it spoilt the whole vibe a bit, but my food was good and of course, the red wine (a nice Rioja) was very good. After that it was back for some Singstar and Jamesons as per usual.

Sunday was a very lazy day and after picking the kids up (who'd stayed at my mums for the night) I spent most of it improving my Golfer on TW2007 and watching the final few episodes of Curb Season 5. I bought "Call Of Duty 3" on Saturday but only really had a few minutes messing about with it since I really wanted to crack on with Tiger Woods.

Ah well, back to work tomorrow and as ever, a ton of stuff to do.

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