Sunday, November 26, 2006

Guitar Hero to Zero?

Well, not quite, but I'm fairly disturbed at the track-list on Guitar Hero 2. The first was a wide range of buzzing rock, some classics and real axe-grinding stuff. I'm just not sure about 2 and it should be all about the music, really. The gameplay is as good as ever and two player co-op mode is fabulous (ability to play lead/bass or rythm is inspired) but the music... I know there's some Guns & Roses on there and a few classics, but they're locked away in the higher end, meaning some sweating on higher-skill levels to unlock them.

I just think it's an opportunity wasted to really lock-down the title as a must-have, but on this form I'm not so sure. I'd have probably really enjoyed this one and raved about the original, if it had been the follow-up (if you get my drift) - but it may be down to subjective nature of the tracks, I just don't think so. It would have been great to use the 2 player co-op mode with the original music too, a bit like how all the Singstar disks are inter-changeable.

Update: Playing the game (Guitar Hero2) at length on medium, its a lot better than I gave it credit, just a pity that the more headliner tracks are only available initially on medium and only then unlocked by completing gig sections to unlock "encore" tracks, but the mechanic does work pretty well. I managed to unlock "Sweet Child of Mine" although that was fairly tough to play.

I also had another abortative attempt at getting my lad further along in Sonic 360, got a little bit further but also could feel my blood boiling, so I gave in... grr..

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