Sunday, November 26, 2006

High sea robbery...

I've just sat through Pirates of the Carribean 2 (on DVD) and have to ask what is it with this current trend of not actually finishing any bloody film/TV series without leaving some enormous cliffhanger, in this case a whole hook (if you excuse the bad pun) for the 3rd in the series. I wouldn't mind, but it was over 2hours long and I've got more valuable entertainment options on a Sunday night.

To save you some time if you haven't seen it; here's a spoiler - so look away now unless you want to have 2hrs of largely time-filler one evening.

Contrived plot see's marriage foiled, she gets nabbed and escapes, he likewise. Captain Jack agrees to help, some fishy bloke called Davy Jones (of Locker fame) gets in the way, a chase ensues for the locker, which contains a beating heart which can destroy Davy. A sea monster, the Kraken, is called to dispatch various vessels, which ends up eating Jack Sparrow and destroying the Black Pearl. The heart had been nabbed however and delivered to the East India Tea Company. The final scene, after Jack's demise, see's the hero's attempting to go back to the Lost Worlds to rescue dead Jack, with the old Captain of the Black Pearl (from the first film) agreeing to help out.

Reading that, it doesn't sound too bad, but I was a bit non-plussed and wouldn't recommend it. It had me thinking "Matrix" all over again, in terms of the poor sequels - although the original POTC is no match for the original Matrix!


Willeth said...

Come on, you can't say that the wheel fight scene wasn't some of the most fun you've had watching a film in ages.

Martyn "Spadge" Brown said...

There were a few good moments in the film, but all too few really. I think I was more disappointed by the way it ended and how it was all just too contrived. I try and not get too analytical about films and just enjoy them - or in this case feel like i'd just wasted a couple of hours or so.