Monday, November 27, 2006

Now stats magic!

I'm often asked how many people read the blog and to be honest, I don't really know. I put on some internal linking routine last weekend and the main reason is to see where and how people are getting to the blog and where others are linking to it since most people come in at (my redirection after I found that Spadge.Net was available) or the original but much more cumbersome

The best link i've seen so far is for someone who got to my page after searching for a crack for TigerWoods 2007 - and one who was searching Yahoo! for "Spoilt Golfer Wife". Others who inadvertantly stumbled upon my page including someone looking for pictures of Ghost Walks in Whitby, someone wanting info about the Manhattan Bar in Ossett and a bunch of people trying to get info about Talksport Poker. I find it all quite interesting in a very weird way, kind of like inverse-stalking.

I can see that over 400 people have checked my status/profile and about 240 individuals have read the blog in the last 5-6 days, with about 400 impressions. It's hardly M1, but people are there or thereabouts - which is surprising considering my rambling.
Text-wise, I've written (now a shade over) 60,000 words since April - which I believe (according an online measurement tool of sorts) is roughly about a 200 page paperback.

Away from stats, it's been a case of preparing the meetings for the upcoming Game Connection event in Lyon next week - I fly out Monday with John Dennis in tow. We've got about 40 meetings with publishers, clients, middleware developers, smaller devco's and other service providers. Before that I've got to arrange all our meetings and sort it all out, which usually means a flurry of activity when their meeting system has finished doing all it's magic.

Work wise I've had my monthly bout of pain that is sorting out my expenses :-/ I did cheer myself up doing a couple of interviews about the old Amiga days for GamesTM and RetroGamer though, which gave me a nice warm feeling.

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