Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas at the Browns'

Well, that's it all over for another year; the kids enjoyed a long day and we had plenty of visitors and way, way too much to eat - although I guess that's expected at Xmas. We were up at 7am with the kids, so it wasn't too bad, other relatives suffered 4am starts...

The Wii was a big hit with the entire family and despite getting a bunch of games, we never really got off Wii Sports and Bowling in particular. It was a revelation to me to see my 5yr old, my 62yr old mother, my wife and myself all playing (and loving) the same thing, playing in seconds - and my mother won before declaring she wanted a Wii for her birthday.

I think the Wii will be a tremendous hit for the mass-market, non-hardcore element and despite long-term concerns over it's long-term appeal, it's easy to see why all the kids, adults and oldies loved to pick up and play socially. I didn't get chance to have a look at the new Zelda game until past 11pm and to be fair, I was a bit disappointed since it looked like it was running on an N64, but I've spent a fair while getting used to HD content on the 360.

They weren't joking about the wii-mote straps though; my mother hit the table with the remote twice, smacked herself in the face and trod on Harry a bunch of times - all hell broke loose. The wife and I managed to smack one of our lights in the room a couple of times - so be warned - clear the bloody area when playing!

Boxing day will bring more of the same and more food before I can unwind and get the house back to normal... I hope you've all had a great xmas and hope you enjoy the new year.

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