Sunday, December 17, 2006

Preparing to Party

This week, after a fairly moderate one the previous week, see's a few opportunities to let my hair down and bring down the finale on what has been a whirlwind, exciting and ultimately great year for the company. Personally it's been somewhat of a roller-coaster what with the diabetes thing and difficult then soaring periods for Team17.

I feel like it's ending on a real high, we have achieved a lot this year and the studio has worked tremendously well. We're well set to take advantage of this position through 2007 and beyond and it remains to see how everything pans out.

On Monday I'm in Leeds for a board meeting at Game Republic, followed by a meal and presumably some Mojito in Mojo as is the norm. Wednesday is a chance to celebrate Team17's year and Friday brings the game-development year to a close with a now traditional mildly drunken Poker afternoon. I have opted out of a big party on Thursday since it would be too much otherwise, I am knocking on a little now :)

After that, it's 2.5 weeks off, kids and Christmas... hopefully plenty of opportunity to chill out. After Xmas, I'm away to Vegas and we have a little title due to appear on 360 Live Arcade...

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