Tuesday, December 19, 2006

You lucky, lucky, lucky bast...

That man (and I mean that in the loosest possible terms) Reynolds never fails to amaze. This morning, he gets a call from the French consulate saying they've got his wallet, sans Euros and everything else intact. The lucky sod. Mind you, since its Xmas, good luck to the lad.

Otherwise things are pretty busy for me at T17, with stuff refusing to go quietly despite me wanting to wind down - I was due to finish tomorrow for Xmas, but a few loose threads have debunked that idea and it'll most likely rumble on over the holiday period since US Publishers tend to work most of it, unlike the Europeans, simply because most of their festivities centre around Thanksgiving in late November. I had hoped it'd all be clear and settled so I could switch off :(

Went to a Game Republic dinner last night at what was The Calls Grill in Leeds (along the Calls, incidentally) which is now an Argentinian restaurant serving great steaks. Albeck had to bail halfway through due to illness and several GR directors were absent so it was a bit like a murder-mystery evening. I didn't stay too late and the wife was chuffed to see me back early and reasonably sober :) I'd recommend the restaurant, the steak was fantastic - and not a can of Corned Beef to be seen anywhere - the restaurant is now called "The River Plate", in case you were wondering.

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