Monday, January 08, 2007

Arrived in Vegas

It's currently 3.15am here in Las Vegas and I'm wide awake (11.15am at home). I broke my usual "law" in that I was so tired I had to sleep around 7pm as I'd been up almost 24hrs, normally my plan is to have a few drinks and go to bed around mid-night (being up for 30-36hrs) then wake up in the morning all adjusted to the new time zone... whereas now I had 5-6 hours and my mind/body thinks it's still in the UK :( It's only a short trip but it'll end up messing with my system somewhat.

The travel here went probably as smooth as it ever has done - I drove to the airport, parked easy enough, checked in easy enough and there was little hanging around. The (direct) flight even took off 30mins early so everything went swimmingly. The flight itself whizzed by aided by a few bottles of red-wine, in fact too much red wine and we were a bit blotto when we arrived, which didn't really impress the immigration chap at the airport and despite his attitude I got in. Note to self: don't drink so much on the flight next time.

We had a little wander up the strip after checking in (we're at the Venetian, where most of the CES events are) and eventually found PF Changs restaurant, hidden away inside a casino whereas you used to be able to get to it from the strip, so we had a bit of a fruitless search for it - and a long walk looking for it. However, it was worth it as the food was simply magnificent.

After that we were supposed to hook up with our hosts from Microsoft but we had a lot of problems just getting to the area where they were and despite trying, we just couldn't get in.

Some 4,000 people were in attendance for the Bill Gates keynote but alas we didnt manage to join them, which was a real shame. As expected, much of his talk was about Vista and Windows Live, as well as the 360. After failing to get ourselves into the keynote, we then spent the best part of an hour trying to get to our hotel room as we were shattered - this proved as difficult as getting into the Keynote as the room was in a back tower and just finding a lift entrance was difficult especially when all the staff kept redirecting us through the casino.

When we did manage to get back, I put some music on and was probably sleeping before my head hit the pillow. Then I woke around midnight (8am - that bodyclock again) and then 2am and I'm wide awake now... I'm gonna try and get a bit more sleep and hopefully be ok for today - we're doing some PR for Worms XBLA and the game is on the show-floor, one of the few XBLA titles on there by all accounts.


Anonymous said...

DaKing240 -

Is there anyway we can reveal some information on our website - Best of luck at CES!

Martyn "Spadge" Brown said...

Sorry, there's a bit of a press embargo going on right now, please email me at ''