Saturday, January 06, 2007

I can rest easy tonight...

I finally managed to buy that bloody metal shield in Zelda:Twilight Princess. And because of that, completing the 2nd, Goron Dungeon was fairly easy after that. But getting that bloody Shield - probably cost me 2-3hrs infuriating gameplay back and forth.

Here's a hint (not a spoiler) if you play the game: MAKE SURE YOU BUY THE BLOODY 200pts METAL SHIELD in KAKARIKO VILLAGE BEFORE attempting the 2nd dungeon (The Gorons) otherwise it'll just end in tears.

You end up having to (a) get back the village, that was a bit of an ordeal trying to get back the way you came (b) suss out when the shop opens which is not straight forward or obvious - it involves leaving the night-time village (when the shops are shut) and horsing it about Hyrule field, until the postie gets you and gives you a letter saying the shop in Kakariko has some new stock... BUT... it's still night if you back - unless you ride around for a bit more until daylight comes. If you go to the village and ride around, it stays night... GRRRR.... Very irritating, still it's all done now...

I'm 15hrs in - with all that lot accounting for a good 3-4hrs, probably 2.5hrs longer than it should have done!

As for the Wiimote, you can only imagine the gestures I was making with it :-)

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