Friday, January 05, 2007

Finished and preparing for Vegas (again)

It really doesn't seem like 5 mins since I was last in Vegas, in the Summer, but I'm getting ready to go again - although this this it'll be about 15deg, not 45deg as it was in July, which was pretty unbearable.

We're out there to do a bit of press, to present our game (which is on the CES show floor) and meet with the Microsoft people. I'm not looking forward to the 4.30am start on Sunday though - and by the time it's 7pm in Vegas on Sunday, it'll be the equivalent of 3am back home and I'll most likely be wanting to sleep, not listen to Bill Gate's keynote speech.

I've done a bunch of things today, tieing loose ends up, sorting out our GDC arrangements (I managed to get us in our preferred hotel right next to the Moscone Centre, where the event is) and also getting things wrapped up for my 40th birthday trip to Galway.

I'm also hoping to pick up a decent Digital SLR camera over there (my 40th present) - probably a Canon EOS 400 Rebel XTi, or maybe a Nikon D80 if I feel like pushing the boat out.

I'm gonna pack tonight and then it's all done and I can relax and try and get some sleep - I'll most likely lose at least 2 nights sleep in the next week...

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