Thursday, January 25, 2007

Bloody PR

There I go, I get asked an innocent question "How are you finding PS3 development?" - "Fine " says I. Eurogamer make a story out of it and there I am "issuing warnings" and all kinds of stuff.

I thought that my comments were to be used in a group of canvassed developers from the UK (after the UK PS3 launch announcement) - anyway it appears that most wouldn't say anything, uttering "Can't, got an NDA" which is a bit of a to-do when just being asked "How are you finding it?" - I'm not sure what NDA you're gonna break. Mind you, our game is finished, completed and out, so it's perhaps a might easier for us.

I noticed my pal Miles had something to say (no surprise there!) and I resisted adding a comment of "The Boffin speaks!" to his comment area ;-)


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