Wednesday, January 31, 2007

MSN and LIVE etc

The hits to the blog have upped a bit of late and my MSN/Gamertag details are being subjected to quite a few requests to add me etc. I know much of this has been caused by links to news of Worms for XBLA, although the best place to go for official news on that is Team17's website, the team17 forum or something like

My MSN/Skype in particular is generally just for close friends, business contacts, family and the guys in the studio so I'm quite unlikely to connect on that - sorry, I get enough chat requests during the day and evening as it is without wanting any more to fragment my suffering concentration.

I don't mind adding people on my Gamertag, but most of my online games are with people I know fairly well, family, T17 folks or friends at other studios etc - and nagging me for chat or game requests won't help since I'm generally on with something when I finally get the time to go on my 360.

I certainly don't mean to sound arrogant or dismissive, but I'm always struggling for time as it is and if you do need to contact me, then send me an email, or add a comment on here otherwise it'll lead to frustration for both parties, cheers.


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