Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Speedy mind and fingers

One thing I've come to notice when often looking back at what I've written is that I make too many bloody typos. Much of the problem is mainly to do with the fact that if I do review my text, I tend to skim read it and don't check the detail, if I read it at all. I'm also generally distracted quite a lot and the text can get a little fragmented. I also tend to speed type and just try and hammer down the things I've been thinking of, rather than mulling over my thoughts. This "rattling off" when I write is something I've always done and it's only the last few years I've become much more reflective and considerate in what I write, I guess we can chalk that down to experience.

Either that, or it's the onset of dyslexia. What with that and Diabetes, it seems like I'm collecting D-series syndromes; perhaps Dementia is next on the list, or been there a while already :)

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