Monday, January 22, 2007


It appears that my blog has been linked on a few XBLA blogs regarding news of Worms. I wondered why the hits had suddenly spiked up :-)
Obviously we're being harranged about the release date and we still can't confirm this until we've got the title out of the certification loop. We should be there pretty soon - and we'd hoped to be out by now, but one or two last minute issues have prevented that. Speaking to a few other developers, the experience has been the same for them too.
Some of the guys on our forum (here) seem to smell some kind of conspiracy but I can confirm that isn't the case at all, just things dragging on at the end really.
We're all very excited about Worms on XBLA and the game has been on Partnernet (XBLA developers/press access) for a few weeks, with positive feedback. We know people are looking forwards to it and hope to be able to get it out soon as we can. Rest assured that the Microsoft people and Team17 are working towards that.
The game was shown at CES in January, but an official announcement, along with all the details people are craving, will be out on the week of release. Some people assumed (wrongly) that it would be released CES week, but the game was (and still is) in the final certification stages and as such hasn't "gone gold" yet.

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Ben Paddon / S2K said...

Yours isn't the only website seeing an increase in hits. We've seen a slight increase, with "worms 360" the second-highest search query people have found our website with ("worms xbl" and other such variations are further down the list).

We've also been cited as a news source on at least two English Xbox websites, and a fair few French ones. Imagine, people citing our scraggly little fansite as a source! If that isn't an indication that people are really looking forward to Worms XBLA, I don't know what is.