Monday, January 22, 2007

Cold snap.

It's got very cold here (about zero deg.) after being around 13-14deg at the weekend - although it didn't feel very mild since it was still windy. The weather really does seem all over the place, there is the threat of snow and the kids are excited, I think we've only had a decent fall (4-5cm or something like that) once or twice in the last ten years and it was 1994 the last time we had it heavy - which is a shame for the kids who just dream of making a snowman and have a number of sledges stacked up in the garage; one nice large one being still shrink-wrapped.

Not that Jack will know what it's like outside, I fixed his PC finally and he's been in Azeroth all weekend (Warcraft). There's also been a disaster for Harry, who's lost his PRO status at Wii Bowling and the starry-ball he got as a result. There were many tears.

Saturday night was party night for our neighbours who move to Scotland next Friday, we've known them for the best part of 8years, holidayed together and shared many drunken Singstar nights, we'll miss them and will go visit them once or twice a year I guess, they're moving to the far north east, past Inverness. The party went ok and Sunday was pretty delicate, I do recall playing Singstar which is a reasonable barometer for my drink intake.

Next week it's our house-party prior to my 40th and then on to Galway :-)

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