Friday, February 09, 2007

Back from Amsterdam

Well, I'm back from Amsterdam after attending the Casual Games event. It was a good and useful few days despite the freezing weather over there. It was great to spend some time with the Microsoft people who treated me to a long meeting over Guinness + TiaMaria's and then some great Indonesian food prior to us rolling onto the MumboJumbo party. I also met a ton of people from games publishers and such in the casual side and planned a few more meetings for the upcoming GDC.

I also got myself pretty blasted on the last night and it made for a really uncomfortable trip home really; it didn't help that the dutch trains were not running (50euros cab ride instead of 7euros train) and then our flight was delayed about 4hrs. Anyway, I'm now determined to cut down the intake, especially in light of me now getting to 40 etc. I imagine people will suggest that pigs might fly, but I think it's time to turn the volume down if I can.

I had a great night on Wednesday too, out with Garry Williams, Darren from Atomic Planet and his mate. Any night with Williams involved is always interesting/explosive; even when he's supposed to be sick. We went to the Real party at Jimmy Woo's Lounge before hitting some bars in the centre and it ended up a late one.

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