Monday, February 12, 2007

Living the quiet life...

Spent a very quiet weekend just dodging conversation and people really, given that I've been non-stop since before Christmas.

I took advantage of a family trip to local "beauty spot" Newmillerdam (Beauty Spot = place with water and ducks) to get my new camera out and take some shots (my kids, Jack and Harry are pictured tree-hugging on the left).

I've upgraded to some nice lenses and still need a bit of practice with the camera (most were under or over exposed on a very grey day) but I really like the 12-24mm wide angle I've got. The shot on the left was taken with a very sharp 50mm f1.8 (although that shot is more like f11).

Back in work and it's been catch-up time after being away for a week. People are grumbling on about Worms for XBLA and we really hope there will be good news on that front soon. I've got a few weeks before GDC and there's a ton of stuff to be getting on with.

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