Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Finally, the news we'd been waiting for!

Time to pinch yourself, Worms has now fully passed certification on 360 Live Arcade. It's been a very long road and one which has taken probably 3 months longer than we expected, but we've learnt a few things along the way. As a developer we're used to console submission procedures, but this one certainly dragged on - most of it to do with the 360 interface rather than specific game bugs and things being noticed/reported quite late in terms of functionality requirements.

Anyway, it's over now and we'll be talking to Microsoft to get our launch date and then work with Marketing on the release. It's time to step up a gear on that front - and I wouldn't mind but there's enough to chase and harry with the Game Developer's Conference looming next week. The GDC is perhaps our most important trip out, as it almost always is fruitful business wise.

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