Sunday, February 25, 2007

Steady weekend

Had quite a steady weekend, once I'd come round from the trip to Newcastle. We went out and got some furniture for our conservatory on Saturday (we're doing it up a bit) and I've now moved our Wii and 360 in there, in an attempt to spend a bit more time in there. In the evening our friends came round and we had a corking Chinese meal, a long game of "Man Bites Dog" and a fair bit of wine.

Sunday's been spent chilling and yawning really and I've not done much at all - and have enjoyed that! I spent 15mins taking some portrait shots of my two sons, with mother's day looming and was quite pleased with the results (they're going up on my flickr site now). When I get chance I'm going to filter a few, select the best and get them framed up.

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