Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Back safe, sound, but a wee bit lagged.

Enjoyed a simply phenomenal trip to San Francisco and the 2007 Game Developer's conference. It was a terrific trip on the company front and yet again great to continue to meet and work with some brilliant people. Socially the trip was as fun as ever and that old candle continues to be roasted both ends (and yes, my blood sugar is under control!). Photos, links, videos and more when I get the time.

I'm a wee bit tired now and suffering from the usual spaced-out Jet-lag which I always get, but I'm glad to be home.

We ironically missed the launch of Worms for Live Arcade but I'll try and get online for a few games. There are a few niggles with the game now many thousands of games are going on (looks to me like there's some serious server stress going on) but we'll look into that and I presume an update will be forthcoming. More on that when I find out what's going on when I eventually get back into the office.

Personally I succumbed to rampant consumerism, which always tends to happen in San Francisco and especially at the simply awesome Museum of Modern Art Store, which has to be the best store in the world for great books and other inspirational items.

I also grabbed a Macro lens for my camera, a new bag and lots of other bits and pieces. And also a bag the size of Northern Ireland to put it all in... :)

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