Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Worms thoughts

Well, the game is finally out on 360 and doing pretty well. We've had a couple of niggles; one with playing (hosting 4 player games) - which worked fine during testing! And one with the leaderboards failing to report the correct data. Both of these are likely to be fixed quickly and the title updated, I'll advise when I know more.

In the mean time, I'd recommend you create a game with up to 3 players and enjoy it that way - it always works... the trials and tribulations of game development eh?

Reviews have been ok, with players scoring it higher than magazines - the biggest criticisms coming from the lack of content (i.e. themes and voices present in the game) but to be fair, this has pretty much everything to do with the 50mb data limit we had! This additional content will be coming online soon and quite a bit of it at low or no cost, so everyone should be happy about that.

Other people have been pretty savage about the streamlined options & weapons; but we tried to update and hone the original game, not Armageddon and/or World Party. This is an opportunity for us to introduce a balanced game to a largely new public, time will tell if we've made the right decision on that. I've really enjoyed playing it online - it makes a big difference over live with the microphone's on - look out for TheBeeDog !

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Ben Paddon / S2K said...

I think Worms works best when you're actually talking to the other players, as I discovered recently when playing a game of Worms Armageddon online whilst voicechatting to the other players via TeamSpeak. We had a real laugh.

Strangely enough, most of the people I play Worms XBLA with aren't very talkative. The big exception to that rule is Team 17's own Defcon, who is a bloody great big Puppet Master and a Darksider! He must be vanquished...