Saturday, March 24, 2007

Busy old week, quiet weekend, fingers crossed!

Phew. We've had some visitors over from one of our major publishing partners in the USA (an as yet unannounced next gen title we're working on) and this has meant a couple of good nights out as we entertained them.

On Thursday we enjoyed some drinks at Browns in the Light, Leeds, a terrific meal at Akbar's (if you go, ENSURE you have the masala fish starter) and then onto Mojo, whereby some strangely vamped up folks inspired the tactful Kilburn to pronounce it a gay bar in another shallow attempt to somehow pummel my dignity and credibility yet further. The music was great as ever and we stayed there until it was time to leave at some crazy hour.

Designer Mark Dimond crashed at my place and I proceeded to TNT all my stored up brownie points with the missis by demoing my home-cinema to Mark at about 4am. The sound of Sauron's helmet dropping onto the floor in the first Lord Of The Rings shook the house and let's just say the missis wasn't impressed - or by my attempt to play Freebird on Guitar Hero2.

She's talking to me now, but it was a close run thing.

On Friday, we took our visitors to our favourite pub, The Brewer's Pride and spent a good few hours with them before they left, hopefully they'll remember their couple of days with us quite fondly - we already have a great working relationship - we actually did have something to officially celebrate in that our project had been fully "greenlit" (i.e. approved for full production) at long last.

I also lost my rag with the folks at Eurogamer who presented a bitterly disappointing review of our PS3 Lemmings title, considering it bad value for money - which is odd given it costs a paltry £3.49 with each level in the game costing something under 9pence!

I shouldn't really get too wound up about these things - I can handle all the subjectivity if someone doesn't like this or that, but when the "journalists" don't really understand what they're saying or thinking stupidly you have to wonder about it all. Anyway, I'm sure it won't affect the response of players. I just can't tolerate idiocy, I'm too old for all that.

Worms is doing very well on XBLA, with well over 100,000 players enjoying the game (we were 4th most popular online title across ALL 360 games last week!) and there's an update and some great downloadable content coming very soon.

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