Saturday, March 24, 2007

PS3 thoughts

I decided to go the whole hog and get a PS3 for home. I wasn't going to do so until there was a wider games catalogue, but since it's fairly important to my work and since I already have Wii and 360 in the house (as well as Xbox, PS2, DS and PSP) it made sense to get a balanced opinion.

I know I could always get a closer look at the console in the studio, but I prefer to sit with it in the environment it was intended. I bought a couple of titles with it; Ridge Racer 7 and Motorstorm - the latter being very nice (and much better than the demo we saw in San Fran the other week). I'm not keen on RR7 and can imagine that'll be back in the store for a trade-in very sharpish.

One of my main interests are the downloadable games, akin to XBLA and we're represented at launch with Lemmings on PSN. There's not too many other games right now (Blast Factor, Gripshift, Tekken5 aside) and the quality bar seems quite high throughout.

I found the PSP-like interface a little cumbersome but I'm so used to the 360 dash now and the blue-ray DVD I bought (Kingdom of Heaven) looks good on my projector set-up, but not so much that I'd consider BRD purchases from now on. I have a very good DVD player with tremendous output (even at standard def) and it's this aspect of the PS3 which I think is quite the 'cuckoos egg'.

Since I've seen so much of the PS3 stuff so far, it's not been too exciting for me just yet (indeed, the kids never so much as came in to see the machine in action - one sticking to Warcraft and one to a mix of Sega's new Sonic title oen Wii and Scooby Doo!).

Incidentally, I don't like how the top of the machine is curved so I can't stack other objects on it. I'lll write a bit more when I've had more time with it, but the England-Israel game kicks off soon and I'll be watching that.

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