Monday, March 19, 2007

In a tower, with elves dangling from my golden locks...

Well, not quite, but the Brothers Grimm would have been proud of my sleeping exploits yesterday (co-incidentally Mother's Day). I took a couple of the sleep-aids I bought in San Fran, (which I'd bought with the intention of inducing some kip on the return flight) anyways, I was nodding at 1.30pm and thought I'd have an hour. 8 hours later at 9.30pm with the kids safely tucked in bed, I got up... you could say the buggers were fairly effective. I normally only sleep for a few hours.

Not only that, but after watching the last couple of "Life On Mars" (highly recommended, btw) with the missis, I went to bed and was spark out again, chalking up another 7hrs in the process.

Suffice to say, I shall treat said pills with due reverance and respect from now on... and definately try them on any transatlantic flight. God only knows what they'd be like after 2 or 3 licks on red-wine.

I was in York earlier today, having a lunch and a chat with some developers - in the pub that floods by the riverside (Kings Arms) - its a top pub and we managed to escape before succumbing to being locked in there all day (and probably all evening).

Tomorrow I'm giving a talk at Preston University with John Dennis and there's all kinds of stuff planned for later in the week, I hope to squeeze some work in somewhere.

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