Sunday, March 18, 2007

Slowly getting there...

Whilst my sleep slowly gets back to normal (it's still a bit skew-wiff) I've managed to up a load of pics onto my flickr site (the consumable ones, *cough*) and when I get chance, I'll upload a bunch of videos onto U-Tube.

I will add some detail about some of the antics we got up to that week, the highlight probably being er, well, all of it really :-)

Worms continues to blaze a trail on Xbox Live Arcade, with it being no.1 title on the service for the 2nd week running and incredibly, no.4 most popular live game across ALL 360 titles! There have been a few niggles with the game online and we're currently putting an update together to fix a number of little things that made it through the testing (sigh).

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