Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Back at work

Been back a couple of days now and it's good to be back. I enjoyed my break (if that's what you can call 2 weeks with the kids!) but it's good to have something to get my teeth into again and there's a fair bit to bite right now - an exciting time for the studio.

We've got a couple of events this week, a press day for an upcoming title tomorrow (and a night out with the publisher folks tonight in Leeds) and then out on Thursday evening as the XBLA Worms team finally get around to celebrating it's release (and hopefully news on the update, fingers crossed) - there'll be a bunch of us eating at Akbars and most likely some decent bar somewhere.

I've got a stack of photos to sort and post on my Flickr site, I've took a load with the Nikon lately but post-processing (mainly sharpening) is too slow on my iBook and I'm finally considering upgrading it because the stuff gets done in an instant on the Mac Pro in the office...

I've got a couple of talks looming too, one for a regional government thing to local businesses which is likely to be industry generic and one at "Northern Exposure" (www.northexpo.co.uk) which is probably going to be me rattling on about digital publishing and our XBLA experiences.

I've also had my wrist lightly slapped for mentioning Worms DLC without final clearance :( It seems there is still some work to do on what'll be released, when and for how much. I hope to have all this cleared up in a few days, but our priority is the update really.

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