Wednesday, April 18, 2007

New title announced

Today saw the official announcement of "Worms Open Warfare 2" to be published by THQ in the Summer. On PSP & DS, it's fully online and is rammed with good stuff, it's quite possibly the most complete, feature-packed, customisable thing we've produced in a long while. The new handheld editions are going to make a lot of fans of the series very happy.

We worked very closely with Dutch team Two-Tribes on the DS edition (they did a great job on a port of Worms for the N-Gage deck a few years ago) and the PSP edition has been fully developed at Team17. We're really excited to see what people will make of these editions and the PR for the titles has begun in earnest.

It's not the only title we've been working on, but it's the only one we can talk about for now :)

Please note that any requests for further news, quotes, screenshots and stuff should be directed through THQ themselves rather than myself.

Full information on the title can be found HERE

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