Saturday, April 07, 2007

Easter Weekend

Am currently preparing to go to the Leeds-Plymouth match this afternoon with my mate Andy. After that we'll be out around Leeds for a few jars and quite possibly a curry later on - looking forward to that, especially after feeling a bit crappy earlier in the week.

Leeds are on the verge of what looks like a great escape from relegation after looking certs for doom for months. If they win today, they're likely to clamber out of the bottom 3 teams for the first time since October... with a packed Elland Rd, it should be a storming atmosphere. Two results went for us yesterday and hopefully with 3 points against Plymouth, all eyes will be on Barnsley's game at Ipswich - and then hopefully a point or three away to Colchester on Monday.

I took part in a Sky Poker tournament last night and crashed out after an hour, when I was a single spade away (in 2 cards) from actually leading the tournament (which would have set me up for the next 2 hours or so). Unfortunately the spade and nuts flush (best possible flush) didn't turn up and with me all in (just the way the betting went with 2 strongly positioned players having AA and QQ pairs from the hole cards) - so a bit of a bummer and that's the game.

I took the kids to Tropical World at Roundhay on Thursday and then around Roundhay park, which they enjoyed. Tropical World is quite good fun and excellent value, especially considering what we paid to watch the Dr.Who travesty last week.

Didn't do much yesterday really apart from build some cupboards for one of the kids bedrooms and then spent an hour sorting out the drawer handles which were woefully constructed in the first place - and bloody typical for self-assembly stuff. Grrr.

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