Saturday, April 28, 2007

The fat lady has sung...

...and Leeds United are relegated. It'll take a while for the enormity of the situation to hit me - Leeds are now effectively in the 3rd division; for the first time in their 88year history. A fate that has befallen Notts Forest and also Man City, famously (the latter now back in the premiership).

There will be a lot made of this and ultimately the club has paid for a few years of serious mismanagement and the dark days of the Bowyer/Woodgate scandal. No doubt that the news will please a lot of people and there'll be some smiling faces at other clubs. I just don't know what to think really, I got pretty disenfranchised some time back.


Ash said...

It's great news!

It means I get to see my Dad more as he comes to see them play against Bournemouth. ;)

Martyn "Spadge" Brown said...

It might be, I heard that Leeds might be in Administration this week, which would mean an automatic 10pt reduction before they even start!