Sunday, April 29, 2007

Steady weekend

Had another quiet weekend and not really got up to too much. I spent most of Saturday morning still chipper from the skinful I had on Friday night, there was a Poker night at Team17 (I didn't win - or get even close) and I overdid it a bit with a bottle of Jameson's and then went down into Wakefield with Colin and the Albeck Monkey. I vaguely recall dancing in a club, so I presume I was fairly intoxicated.

I felt quite rough the latter part of Saturday so didn't do too much at all, apart from watching another episode of Life On Mars (second series) which myself and Katrina are enjoying. I'm enjoying it a lot if only because DCI Gene Hunt is Jon Oldham incarnate - I'm not sure when Jon turned scriptwriter... I'm supposed to be having a pint with him in London next week, so I'll ask him.

Next week is pretty busy, there's visits to Manchester, London and a talk for the regional development agency where I will chat about Team17 and our experiences as well as the games industry in general. We don't, as a rule, really have too much to deal with in terms of local business and industry, but I'm quite looking forward to it.

By then we'll be into May, with me already fretting just where the hell the time is continuing to go... there's an event in Newcastle the week after then the Nordic Games Conference which will see me being in Malmo for a few days.

But, there's still life in April and that means the pub with Bob later, we'll probably nip down to our local "The New Pot Oil" but there's some rumination on whether we should cab it over to The Pride in Ossett, for some Addlestone's (proper Cider)...

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