Monday, April 30, 2007

Wearing hats

Wearing different hats is something I have to do but not necessarily always enjoy. As a more laid back, amiable character (so my DISC personality profile revealed) I prefer to keep things cordial and pleasant where possible.

On occasion, my standard issue, happy-go-lucky hat is replaced by something else with several getting worn today.

Hat 1 was my deflection hat, knocking back emails, MSN's and phone calls taking the piss out of Leeds' fall from grace and into the depths of division 3, curiously termed 'League One' these days.

Hat 2 was business hat. Business hat is the one where the head must rule the heart (I'm generally the other way when I can) and today I had to give some bad news to someone that was common sense, but ultimately disappointing.

Hat 3 was a tin hat, going into studio defence mode in a round of emails.

Final hat of the day was Dunce hat, I queued for 20mins in the post office for my new car tax disc, only to get to the counter and find I'd forgotten the bloody MOT certificate, which the Jag had fortunately passed earlier in the day, albeit with a warning of wear on some bush of some sort or another (me and car terminology don't mix well).

I'm not sure what other hats are lined up for this week, but it wouldn't surprise me to don the tin one again! I'm hoping to break out the party hat again with some news on Worms, too.

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