Tuesday, May 01, 2007

"Range: 0 miles"

Not quite the best first message to greet you on a morning, not creeping up a steep country hill a couple of miles from your office, with the garage a mile away and your wallet firmly left on your office desk. It was almost time for the dunce hat to have a second wearing within 12 hours or so.

I made it to the office by driving pretty conservatively (a first) although I've got to try and eek it up to the garage later on and fill it up. Before then I've got to survive the heat in my office, which is roasting due to early morning sun on the side of the building... I'm hopeful the aircon will kick in soon and save me from having to wear another less sweaty t-shirt.

Oh it's May, too, which makes it May-Day, some kind of pagan festival marked by a celebration in these parts of dancing around a May Pole (there's one just up the road, near the school I went to as a kid) and the "World Coal Carrying Contest" is also held there. It's all a bit Wicker Man really.

I've uploaded some new pics on my Flickr site and re-organised it all a little bit, after finally getting on top of the many hundreds of pics I've taken since I got my shiny new camera in January. I've not bought a lens for a month or so, I'm doing well... (although I've got my eye on a long telephoto one...).

I was kicking myself the other day, Sunday, when I missed the opportunity to take an amazing sunset photo (they're pretty good over Low Laithes, half a mile or so from my house - and a mile from the office) - the sun was low, large and gloriously reddy-orange. That'll be the golden rule about taking your camera everywhere... but I'd taken it out since the car was going for a MOT test. Grr.

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