Monday, May 07, 2007

Bank holiday hangover

I only just realised that I'd not added to the blog in the last few days, funny since a few things have happened really. Friday was a busy day, I'd given a presentation to a local business networking group at the nearby Cedar Court - that went pretty well and I'm sure i'll get more comments again if it's featured in the local rag.

Friday evening I went to the Aagrah Indian restaurant with my wife's side of the family, who were seeing off Dale, a visiting ex-pat Aunt who is by now, back in her native Sydney - I can't believe how quick her 6 weeks visit seemed to fly by. We took the kids with us and Jack seems to be really getting a wide taste for exotic foods now; he had his usual masala fish and tried tandoori chicken. I was pretty hammered too, i'd had a few pints of Guinness with Craig Albeck post presentation, so I was in high spirits throughout.

Friday was also the day that Leeds finally got relegated - without kicking a ball! The club entered into administration, with a -10points docking as a result. It's time to rebuild and it'll certainly be an interesting summer... the team lost their final game, too, but it was immaterial by then.

On Saturday I was out with my side of the family, seeing off Laura and Paul who are moving out to start a new life in Australia. I spent the evening in the Vine Tree and then ended back at my uncles with the intention of watching the boxing on sky, being shown live at 4am... However, a few too many whiskies saw me very, very smashed and I don't recall too much - I walked the mile or so home and woke Katrina up at 3am or something, struggling to use the key I had in my pocket. oops.

Sunday has been a write off as I've spent pretty much most of it feeling very rough and hungover. As a result, aside from a couple of dog-walks and a family board game (Hotel - Trina won, much to Harry's disgust) I've not done much at all, which Katrina has been kind enough to remind me of every few minutes :)

It's bank holiday Monday tomorrow (May Day) and I'm not sure what we'll be doing since the weather is supposed to be dodgy. We might take the kids to see Spidey3 if the weather does take a bad turn.

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