Friday, May 18, 2007

Component Joy and Photo-realisations

I finally got around to getting a component (RGB) cable for the PS2 the other day (yeah, I know) since I've always been curious to see if the fuzzy display could be any better through my projector (especially for Singstar and Guitar Hero).

After buggering about for a while, I just couldn't get the thing to output properly and eventually, frustrated, I gave up, thinking it must be something with the cable and/or my projector set-up.

I then stumbled upon some information that you need to actually set what type of output is set by the PS2 out of the component cable (it's not just component)... so a quick fiddle with that and it works great - and looks great, so incredibly better than composite, with GH2 working in progressive-scan too.

If only I'd sorted this 3 years ago! And also, fed a set of component cables through my wiring ducts, I've got everything else but - just that 3yrs ago, I thought DVI/HDMI would be enough (along with S-Video, AVI, Scart and PC D-Sub). Messy cables aside though, it is way better.

Camera Learnings

On the subject of learning, I feel that I'm getting somewhere with regards to my footlings with the DSLR camera. I recently forced myself to start taking pictures in full Manual mode (even focusing for god's sake) and setting exposure etc.

I use the other modes occasionally, usually when just snapping the kids or I don't have time to set up my manual stuff. The fact that the auto/program modes throw up better images right now is a moot point... I'll get there :)

I feel like I've learnt a ton about exposures, ISO speeds, F-stops and more besides, but in doing so I've opened somewhat of a Pandora's box... there's so much more to learn and try - and importantly, things to fail on, which is the only way to learn. Next up is sorting out HDR (High Dynamic Range) images and tinkering with RAW format files.

I'm really enjoying the photo thing and I only wish I had more time for it - I'm going to try and make some when I vanish off to Cornwall next Friday.

I did take this one in full manual mode, so I'm getting there... incidentally it was taken at Harry's 6th (yes, sixth) birthday party last weekend.

Balloon fight

Camera geek-detail:
Nikon D80, 100th/sec, F2.8 60mm Nikkor Macro lens, with SB600 flash bounced. I felt the colours were perhaps a bit too vivid and have since toned them down (I can always sort in software). It was sharpened slightly but no other edits.

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