Friday, May 18, 2007

Living and learning

I'm not quite sure when it is when you stop learning important stuff, or at least stop taking things for granted - perhaps never.

It's very easy to be nonchalant about things or even worse these days; not fully consider the ramifications of your actions, despite any best intentions you had. I must be knocking on if I'm starting to be considerate... (must try harder).

Suffice to say that today I've had a stern, sharp reminder that it's never too late and that I've got to find time for 3 or 4 times properly cycling through my thought patterns rather than the twice I'd thought was enough and sufficient.

This, after usually snapping just half-way through my first thought cycle for perhaps 30yrs of my life... and the change & benefits even then were remarkable. It's not a case of biting your lip, it's biting both and then thinking again. Twice.

I'm not sure this will make any sense to anyone, but it makes sense to me and is therefore fairly thereputic as a result.

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