Tuesday, May 22, 2007

More photo fun

I've now started dabbling in the dark arts of digital photography, mucking about with RAW format files, buggering about with Photomatix, High-Definition-Range images and tone-mapping.

I'm only really starting out but am quite pleased with some of the shots.

I took a few at Newmillerdam again at the weekend, mostly in wide-angle, but the more I mess with this stuff the more intriguing and addictive it becomes. I've also spawned a lot more closer acquaintances with friends simply through the whole photography thing too, which is nice - and I'm invariably spending way too much time on Flickr.com.

I'm away to Cornwall for a few days soon and I'll be looking forward to getting out and about with the camera then. I also got Jack a point and shoot for his birthday so hopefully he'll get the creative bug too - he already wants to start his own blog!

<span class=newmillerdam" height="224" width="500">

A colour version of the more arty processed B&W shot.


Ash said...

Ever noticed how photography can make subjects look better than they are in reality?

It kind of scares me.

Martyn "Spadge" Brown said...

Are you suggesting that Newmillerdam isn't anything like Yosemite? :)

..or are you talking about my avatar!

Sarkie said...

Bit late reply, but yeah, you have made it look rather nice. You taken it from the Pub?